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The Sunday Times Takas.lk founder has big hopes for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s largest e-tailer Takas.lk has made its mark since its debut in 2012. Started by chief executive officer Lahiru Pathmalal along with two friends, Takas.lk has grown over the years, currently selling over US$200,000 each month with 38 employees in its fold.

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Kiyanna Lahiru Pathmalal: What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be daunting, but a great idea and steel determination may just be all you need. Lahiru Pathmalal, co-founder of Takas — one of Sri Lanka’s largest ecommerce sites — speaks to Kiyanna about what it takes to be a start-up entrepreneur in Sri Lanka.

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TechInAsia Why investing in Sri Lanka is like turning the clock back for Google India chief

The obvious move – and Rajan does not hesitate to do this – is to draw parallels between Sri Lankan and Indian ecommerce. “I think of Sri Lanka as India five years ago,” he says.

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TechInAsia 6 years after a bloody civil war, Sri Lanka bets on startups, attracts investors

Takas.lk was founded in 2012 by Lahiru, Dilendra Wimalasekere, and Murtaza Moosajee. Its latest round of funding was US$500,000 led by local investors.

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DailyFT Takas.lk ranked as No. 1 start-up in Sri Lanka

Takas.lk has beaten more than 94 registered sites in Sri Lanka to take the top spot. Furthermore, there are more than 7,000 registered sites that are currently being evaluated on startupranking.com from across the globe.

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MirrorBusiness Takas.lk ranked as the #1 Start-up in Sri Lanka

Takas.lk has been selected by the www.startupranking.com as Sri Lanka’s best start up based on the SR Score.  The score reflects the importance of a startup on the Internet and its social influence compared to it peers.

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TechAdvisor It’s just a matter of Takas.lk, says Lahiru Pathmalal

Techadvisor.lk got the chance to interview Lahiru Pathmalal, co-founder/ CEO of Takas.lk and he gave us the inside scoop on what’s in store (no pun intended) for takas.lk.
Q. Tell me a little about your company and what you do – In a nutshell?
A. It’s very simple, really – What we are trying to do is create an online store for products and services.

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DailyFT Venture Engine returns for fourth installation

Takas.lk was able to receive a significant amount of funding with the assistance of the network in two rounds. 

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Ceylon Today Tech startups Building innovative new ventures

Venture Engine was started about four years ago to help entrepreneurs to start companies here in Sri Lanka. After created Venture Engine we have been raised over Rs. 500 million, with 15 companies like as Takas, Trekurious, Saraai, etc.

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The Economic Times The subcontinent startups: Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka making a begining as well

Takas is the largest e-commerce firm in Sri Lanka funded by Blue Ocean Ventures and Indian Angel Network.

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TechALOO Takas.lk : A revolution in SriLankan eComm market

Takas.lk is Sri Lanka’s Largest Electronics Mall, offering a range of consumer electronics. Takas.lk is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which is an e-commerce site that markets products online for the consumer. The customer can order goods online and have them delivered to their doorstep anywhere in the island. The site accepts credit cards as well as Cash on Delivery (CoD).

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YourStory Meet Lahiru Pathmalal, Founder, Sri Lanka’s Online Electronics Store, Takas.lk

Lahiru Pathmalal has a BA in Political Science, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Queensland. He has worked in United States, Afghanistan and Australia in child care. And has also worked as the Program Coordinator at the International Center for Ethnic Studies in Sri Lanka. So What led this Political Science graduate to start an e-commerce venture in Sri Lanka? Let us find out!

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DailyFT TechDuino hits Takas.lk stores!

Takas.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest electronics store, added the TechDuino to its digital shelves today (29). The TechDuino is a programmable microcontroller which allows users to build electronics that can sense, respond to and control almost any environment. Takas.lk has partnered with TechKatha, the producers of this product, to provide logistical support in order to get the TechDuino into the hands of as many people as possible. 

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ReadMe.lk TechDuino hits Takas.lk stores!

Takas.lk, Sri Lanka’s fast growing electronics store will be adding the TechDuino to its digital shelves from 29th March onwards. The TechDuino is a programmable microcontroller which allows users to build electronics that can sense, respond to and control almost any environment. Takas.lk has partnered with TechKatha, the producers of this amazing product, to provide logistical support in order to get the TechDuino into the hands of as many people as possible.

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IPS Sri Lanka Lahiru Pathmalal (CEO, Takas.lk) on entepreneurship and taking the leap into e-commerce

Our CEO Lahiru Pathmalal being interviewed by IPS Sri Lanka about the e-commerce market in Sri Lanka and the motivation behind starting Takas.

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YAMU.lk Takas.lk

Takas is an online shop that sells mainly electronics, ranging from headphones to cell phones to laptops to cameras to electric kettles. I ordered a smartphone from them and it arrived promptly and simply with a free t-shirt, which I suppose doesn't happen every time. Takas is different from other online stores in that it offers warranties on everything and the goods come from a reputed source.

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ReadMe.lk Takas.lk: a shopper’s point of view.

Personally, I’m a bit wary of e-commerce sites. There’s usually good stuff hidden by layers and layers or troll ads, and one can only take so many terribly worded, overpriced ads along the lines “Saling Core2Duo latest G41 VGA can play any game”. Takas.lk, on the other hand (snap) is a welcome change. They’re pretty straightforward: a straight-up, thorough online shopping site that’s got everything from i7-2600-powered Acer Predator G5 gaming machines (Rs 189, 000) to Galaxy Notes (Rs 111, 900) to hair dryers. Slightly heavy on consumer electronics. While you won’t find amazing secondhand deals here, you will find a range of brand-new products at fair prices (yes, I checked against Singer and Abans).

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DailyFT Sri Lanka’s largest electronic site takas.lk launched

The newly-launched takas.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest electronics site, promises local consumers an eagerly awaited respite from the existing clutter and complexity that is the Sri Lankan online market. As emphasised by Takas CEO Lahiru Pathmalal, the site’s unique selling proposition is threefold.

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The Island Hats off to innovations coming up in Sri Lanka!

Welcome to the one hundred and twenty second (122nd) edition of this regular column. Here, we discuss a wide range of topics around Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), many aspects of Business, SME Development, Agriculture, Education, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation and the Society at large.

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