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Broad Air Purifier - TB 100

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Rs. 78,400
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty.
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Availability: In stock

Rs. 78,400
  • Area Coverage : 5 - 20m2
  • Air Flow : 100m3/h
  • Power Consumption: 5W - 15W
  • Weight: 4Kg 


  • Eliminate dust, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air

The electrostatic cleaner can trap dust and viruses as tiny as 0.1μm (0.0001mm). The most harmful dust particles in the air are smaller than 10μm. They can penetrate into human cells, causing various diseases. Especially heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in the air may easily cause cancer.

  • Kill trapped bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi

All the bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi trapped on the electrostatic cleaner will be killed by 6,000V static electricity (the high voltage will not cause any personal injury as the current is only 1-3mA).

  • Kill bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air

Electrostatic cleaning device can release a moderate amount of ozone (O3) to kill the bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air. The principle is to destroy the 4 poly peptide chains of the capsid protein of the bacteria, and damage their RNA. That's why O3 is widely used for sterilization of city water, swimming pool, dishware, food, etc. It contains no toxin at all, and is harmless to human body.


 Occasions where air purifiers should be used:

1. Hospitals are full of viruses, BROAD air purifiers can reduce the chance of infection.
2. Air-conditioned rooms are full of bacteria, BROAD air purifiers can effectively alleviate "Sick Building Syndromes" .
3. Air pollution is more serious in vehicles than on roads. BROAD mini air purifier can be used in cars.
4. Air quality in cities is very bad. TA series air purifier equipped with a fresh air box can be used as a fresh
air unit to eliminate air pollution from its source.
5. Pregnant women especially need clean air and fetals are susceptible to pollutions. 


Striking Benefits

1. Breathe more comfortably 
You feel the air is much fresher in the room. The habitual nasal congestion in the morning gets relieved. You will seldom have phlegm again in your throat. Asthma patients will breathe easier.
2. Protect against infectious diseases 
If you were prone to a cold, you would not easily catch cold any more. If you had a cold, you would get a fast recovery. Infectious diseases are less likely to spread.
3. Dustless
There is no dust even if the table is not cleaned for a few days. Intervals for paint refreshing and wall paper refurbishing can be extended by several times. Even if someone smokes in the room, the smog disappears very quickly. Smog pollution redues remarkably(the size of the smog particles is as tiny as 0.5-5μm).
4. Minimize the risk of infection
In hospital operation rooms, dose of the antibiotics will be reduced drastically, and the risk of infection in or after the operation will be minimized which facilitates a fast wound healing. Almost all bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air will be killed by the electrostatic cleaner.
5. Prevent pollution inside vehicles
It can eliminate vehicle emissions and dust from outside. Especially pollutants inside vehicles in a traffic jam might be reduced by dozens of times.
6. Protect against cancers 
Electrostatic Cleaners eliminates heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. The allowable indoor concentration is 60 times higher than outdoor. These particles are extremely small, thus able to penetrate into human blood streams directly. That's why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified indoor air pollution as the No.1 cancer-causing agent.


All of the needed functions without anything unnecessary; this is the Broad Air Purifier. There is no other air purifier in the world that has four functions in one: Electrostatic Dust Cleaning, Electrostatic Bacteria Elimination, Active Carbon Detoxification and Carbon Dioxide Sensing, a Broad patented combination of functions.

Electrostatic Dust Cleaning:

Tungsten filaments release high voltage static electricity to positively charge all dust particles and bacteria entering the machine. The particles are then absorbed on the negatively charged aluminum plates. Then the filter can absorb particles of dust and smog that are smaller in size than a human cell. Offering comprehensive protection for the respiratory system, the air purifier reduces the risk of cancer.

Electrostatic Bacteria Killing:

All bacteria, viruses and pollen adsorbed on the electrostatic cleaner are instantly killed by a 6,000V static electric charge. Because of
this function, the Broad Air Purifier is very effective at eliminating colds and many types of airborne diseases.

Active Carbon Detoxification:

The Active Carbon Filter absorbs formaldehyde, benzene, nicotine and many other types of toxic chemicals gasses.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor:

The CO2 Sensor monitors the concentration of CO2 indoors and automatically alerts users of high concentrations of CO2 and the need to increase ventilation.



Operation is very easy; Broad Air Purifiers are plug and play machines. Power consumption is exceptionally low (see the following pages), allowing you to keep the air purifier running all year long. 


In order to efficiently maintain the best level of purification, as soon as the electrostatic dust cleaner is fully covered by dust, it needs to removed and cleaned (probably once per month). The cleaning process is very easy and takes just a few minutes: Use detergent to wash the Filter and Electrostatic Dust Cleaner by hand and then rinse and let both parts dry before replacing them. You can also use the Broad Ultrasonic Washing Machine to clean the Filter and Electrostatic Dust Cleaner.

The Active Carbon Filter is the only disposable material in the Broad Air Purifier. Replace the Active Carbon Filter once or twice per month. Broad gives you four free pieces with your purchase, and will supply additional Active Carbon Filters for a low price.

After cleaning the Broad Air Purifier, you will see water as black as ink. Just think that without your Broad Air Purifier, these particles might be inside of your lungs.

Opposite, top photo: Cleaning by hand with detergent Opposite, bottom right photo: Cleaning with the Broad Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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    1 Year Warranty
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    TB 100
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